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Working on a project ?
Make it awesome and get a budget for it.

Find Sponsors
Search from our list of awesome sponsors who might be able to support your project.

transparent reports, reward your contributors and more
Find collaborators for your awesome project, reward them, keep track of the budget and much more.


What kind of projects can apply?
awesome orgs is ideally meant for groups who are working together on some monetizable idea.
For example open sourced code, meetups, art created in a group etc.

Are there any fees?
Yes, the projects keep 95% of the funds contributed.
The remaining 5% is split between our payment processor(stripe) and awesome orgs.

What about taxes and legal?
Each org is responsible for filing its own taxes. We will support to the extent we can.

Can other types of projects apply?
Yes. We encourage all kinds of projects to apply.

I still have more questions!
do write to us at

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